Create an Atmosphere Where Children Thrive

Would you like to create a strong family environment that will allow your children to flourish? We all do.

Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step guide book or formula for raising children. However, there are a few key elements that will help you create an atmosphere where your family is not rushed and everyone has time to pursue their passions and interests; an atmosphere where you can enjoy time with your children and develop deep, lasting relationships.

We needed a change…

We were a typical family. We lived a busy lifestyle—activities for the children, church attendance, homeschooling, and traveling, not to mention running a household and working. It was exhausting and left little time to spend together as a family.

Something had to change. I knew I wanted our family to slow down and savor the time we had with each other.  I wanted my girls to take responsibility for themselves as they grew older. I also wanted to do more than just react to my environment; I wanted our home to be filled with peace, creativity, and love.

My husband and I began viewing our home differently. We realized it was a training ground for our children. We knew we needed to make some changes and the first place we looked was with ourselves. We needed to slow down and say no to some commitments. We had to set realistic expectations that would challenge all of us, but would be attainable. We began viewing mistakes as a road to improvement and accepting that this journey would be rocky and imperfect.

What happened when we cultivated an atmosphere where our children can thrive?

As we began taking control of our schedule and setting the tone of our home, we were able to nurture relationships with our children. This allowed us to transfer some responsibilities for household tasks and personal care. We were also able to involve them more in planning and implementing their education.

With a more relaxed schedule, we all have more free time to pursue personal interests and passions. This allows me to better control my responses and react less to my environment. We enjoy spending time with our children now more than ever before. And, my children actually look forward to assuming new responsibilities and privileges.

Our family has been so blessed by these principles that I want to help you learn how to implement them in your home! You can have a deeper relationship with your children and enjoy spending more time with them. You can watch them live up to and assume additional responsibilities and privileges. It is possible to create an atmosphere that encourages rest, respect, responsibility, and deeper relationships.

Imagine if…

  • you were able to create more margin into your schedule.
  • everyone in your family had an opportunity to pursue their passions and discover new interests.
  • you did not feel rushed every day and had time to enjoy the moment.
  • your children felt comfortable coming to you with problems and concerns.
  • your children joyfully assumed more responsibility, freeing you up to pursue your passions and run your home.

Through this course, you will…

  • learn how to view your schedule with a discerning eye, enabling you to gain control of your time. Having more margin in your life is the cornerstone of a thriving home atmosphere.
  • be encouraged with practical tips and tools to set the tone of your home. Your home can become a place of refuge for your family.
  • explore creative ways to develop deeper relationships with your children.
  • discover how to help your children see the correlation between responsibilities and privileges, and to cultivate a desire in them to live up to high expectations. Understanding and embracing this mindset will start them on the road to success.

By implementing the principles you learn in this course, you can save hours each week that you could invest in your family and exponentially increase the generational impact you have. You can lower your stress level and increase the joy you find in daily activities.

Are you ready to create an atmosphere where your children can thrive? Are you ready to develop deeper relationships in your family? Are you ready for your children to assume more age-appropriate responsibilities? You can learn how to create such an atmosphere today for only $35.

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You can change your family’s home atmosphere. I look forward to seeing you in the course and hearing how your family is thriving!

This course includes:

  • MP3 Audio File
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Bonus Handouts
  • 4 Video Modules
  • Transcripts
  • Implementation Workbook
  • 20 Bonus Videos

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