About Me

I have been married to Jason since 1998. We have been on an amazing journey together. We have two daughters who are the delight of my life, and I am continually amazed and in awe of God’s handiwork as I watch them grow and learn.

I have a Master’s degree in Accounting and was a Certified Public Accountant working in auditing, systems analysis, and church administration before God blessed us with children. We began home educating in 2010 when our oldest daughter started Kindergarten.

Bookworm is a good description of me. I love reading and have passed that love on to my daughters. I am rarely far from a book. Some of my reading has been studying the works of Charlotte Mason, Louis Benezet, and Jane Healy. From this research, I am creatingresources to equip others to train the hearts, minds, and souls of their children.

I love being outside in God’s amazing creation. We live outdoors as much as possible—eating al fresco, lessons on a blanket in the yard, and taking nature walks with our nature study co-op. When possible, the windows are open to bring the sounds and smells of creation inside. (My girls help with this also by bringing in the treasures they find in nature. Some should be inside, some shouldn’t!) We also love camping in our travel trailer, locally and on cross-country trips.

For a professional biography or short bio, see mySpeaking and Media Kit pages.


Two Step

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