About This Master Class

Obedience is a foundational habit every homeschooled child should develop. When your children obey, it keeps them safe, reduces your stress, and improves your relationships. 

Developing the habit of obedience often feels like a struggle or battle of wills, but it doesn’t have to be! 

In this master class, you will learn how to

  • help your children want to obey.

  • identify and remove common barriers.

  • make it fun to learn to obey.

Also included

You'll also receive these tools to help you implement what you learn in the master class.

  • 30 obedience prompts to reduce obedience struggles

  • 17 obedience games to make learning to obey fun

  • 6 phrases to reduce whining and complaining about obeying

  • Building the Habit of Obedience With Older Children PDF to help you embrace a different approach to obedience with your older children

  • Obedience book suggestions to introduce and reinforce obedience concepts for all ages

  • Reference book suggestions about obedience for parents


Founder and Lead Instructor Crystal Wagner

Crystal has been helping homeschool families thrive since 2012. Through interactive training and coaching, homeschool grads, parents, and grandparents will feel confident to make decisions that align with their core values, set the tone of their home, and fulfill their God-given potential.