Games & Activities Included

    1. Calendar with Place Value

    2. Level Thinking

    3. Time to Tell

    4. More-Less Spinner

    5. How to Make a Counting Rope

    6. How to Make an Abacus

    7. How to Build an Addition Table

    8. How to Build a Multiplication Table

    1. Coin Change-Up

    2. Pennies to Nickels

    3. 6 Tens

    4. How to Use 5-Minute Math Drills

About this course

  • $35.00
  • 12 lessons


Founder and Lead Instructor Crystal Wagner

Crystal has been helping homeschool families thrive since 2012. Through interactive training and coaching, homeschool grads, parents, and grandparents will feel confident to make decisions that align with their core values, set the tone of their home, and fulfill their God-given potential.