Hand Clapping Fun was created for parents and grandparents of elementary-aged children to help you teach clapping rhymes to the next generation.

Why not just search YouTube?

You can find all of these hand clapping games on YouTube for free. 

But you’ll spend hours searching and previewing them because not all videos are appropriate. (I’ve been shocked at some of the hand clapping games videos on YouTube channels!) 

Plus, it can be a challenge to figure out the clapping pattern and how to fit that pattern to the words of the rhyme. The special guitar-chord type PDF makes learning the rhyme and clapping pattern easier.

Your investment in Hand Clapping Fun will save you time and decrease the frustration of learning something new.

20 hand clapping rhymes, organized by difficulty level.

Each game is demonstrated by children in a short video where you can clearly see their hand motions.

PDF of the full text of the rhyme, a clapping term glossary, and the rhyme written with easy to understand clapping instructions.

20 hand clapping rhymes, organized by difficulty level.

Course Contents

    1. Getting Started

    2. Clapping Term Glossary

    3. Alphabetical Listing of Clapping Games

    4. How to Modify Hand Clapping Games

    5. Advantages of Hand Clapping Games

    1. Elevator

    2. Hand Jive

    3. A Sailor Went to Sea

    4. Lemonade

    5. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

    6. Princess Pat

    1. Bingo

    2. Double Double

    3. Long-Legged Sailor

    4. Down by the Roller Coaster

    5. I Had a Little Puppy

    6. Miss Mary Mack

    7. Say, Say, Oh Playmate

    1. Bim Bum

    2. Boom Snap Clap

    3. Concentration

    4. Cup Game

    5. Sevens

    6. Slide

    7. Tic-Tac-Toe

About this course

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  • 25 lessons

Share the fun and excitement of hand clapping rhymes with your children today!

Designed for Busy Parents

When my daughters were six and nine, we saw a video of children doing a hand clapping rhyme.

It looked so fun we wanted to learn it too! I remembered doing hand clapping rhymes as a child but not well enough to teach them to my children.

So we watched the video over and over and over. But it wasn’t easy to learn by just watching the video. The children in the video went too fast, and it was challenging to figure out which words went with which motions.

Eventually, we figured it out and had a great time learning the rhyme together.

We wanted to learn more rhymes, so I searched YouTube, and I was shocked at what I saw! Some of the videos were helpful. Some were very inappropriate. There was no way I wanted to turn my children over to YouTube to learn the rhymes.

That’s why I created Hand Clapping Fun!

I decided to identify hand clapping rhymes to learn with my children. I researched and searched all over the Internet. I made a list of the most common rhymes as well as some not so well-known rhymes.

Once I had my list of rhymes to learn, I set about teaching them to myself. I wrote out the words to the rhyme and wrote short-hand notes under each word of which hand clapping motion accompanied that word.

The result looked a lot like a guitar chord chart, and it was much easier to teach the rhymes to my children.

Since I wanted to make the most of learning the rhymes, I made a few changes.

  • I changed a few of the words. Have you been shocked at what you said and watched as a child? Me too! I wanted to teach my daughters rhymes they would be comfortable teaching to their children.
  • I modified the motions to incorporate these skills more. Hand clapping rhymes provide an excellent opportunity to practice crossing the midline, bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, and more. 

I enjoyed watching my daughters learn these rhymes.

They gained confidence as they taught the rhymes to their friends.

They learned how to cooperate with each other.

Playing hand clapping games together strengthened their relationship.

Now you can teach hand clapping rhymes to your children and watch a similar transformation take place in your home!

What sets Hand Clapping Fun apart?

  • Saves Time

    It can be time-consuming to find quality videos demonstrating the rhymes and clapping games. Hand Clapping Fun is a collection of 20 hand clapping games and rhymes compiled into one convenient place.

  • Appropriate Content

    Sadly, not all of the videos you find online are appropriate for children. Hand Clapping Fun only includes rhymes you won’t blush to sing with your kids.

  • Teaching Tips

    What do you do if your child is having difficulty learning the rhymes? An introductory section includes information for parents, such as detailed benefits of clapping games and how to modify them for different skill levels.

  • Video & PDF Support

    It is frustrating to have only the words to a rhyme or just a video to watch. Neither on its own is sufficient to learn clapping games easily. Each game is demonstrated by children in a short video where you can clearly see their hand motions. Each game also includes a PDF download ready for printing comprised of the full text of the rhyme, a clapping term glossary, and the rhyme written with easy to understand clapping instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from this program?

Any parent who wants to learn hand clapping rhymes with their children or wants to improve their children’s gross motor skills.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access for the lifetime of the course.

What if I change my mind?

Due to the digital nature of this product and the instant access you’ll receive to the program, all sales are final.

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